Wednesday, October 8, 2014

21 Day Fix: Day Two and Three

I was so tired yesterday that I fell asleep before I could type up a post. For the month of October, I am working 56 hour weeks so expect that I will not have much of a social life until the end up the month. Not that I have plans yet for Halloween, but that will probably be the first day I'll be able to do something.

That aside, day two went well. I was incredibly sore from Monday's workout. was like my body forgot how to walk and I thought my legs were going to give out! I still did my workout for the day though! It was upper body day so my legs got a little bit of a break. I did my workout after work on day two because I had to be at work so early.

As far as food goes, it was a pretty solid day. I made Greek Yogurt Pancakes and I also mashed up a banana in the mix. They tasted yummy, but the addition of the banana changed the texture a little bit (obviously) so they fell apart a little easier than they would have before. Not too bad, but I did notice as I was flipping them. I also cooked up a side of turkey bacon to go with it. I love the sweetness of the pancakes and salty, crunchiness of the turkey bacon together! I put a little bit of syrup on them , but not too much, I don't like a whole lot of syrup on my pancakes.

For lunch I ate another serving of the Quinoa Taco Bake that I had made the other night. I forsee this recipe getting made a lot. It is a relatively cheap dish and I get 4 servings out of it, plus it is super easy to make or make alterations to. I found a site that has the recipe up too. For anyone interested this is the recipe I used: Quinoa Taco Bake. My snack was more greek yogurt with raspberries and blackberries. Then for dinner I again had the salmon with mushrooms and asparagus. I actually ended up have my shakeology after working out in the evening. I like having it after a workout because I feel that it fills me up without and mu body feels good if I drink it after.

Today was day three and I did okay today. I missed a couple green containers and purple containers. I also...sort of...ate a brownie. My family had my favorite brownies! At least I didn't eat half the pan like I would have before. For breakfast I ate the other half of the batch of Greek yogurt pancakes I had made the previous day, but without the turkey bacon because I ran out. Lunch was another serving of Quinoa Taco Bake, yogurt with berries for snack, and...the last helping of the Quinoa Taco Bake for dinner because I forgot to make something else for my dinner to take to work and that was all ready in the fridge.

Tonight's workout was brutal for me. Today was leg day and my legs were already still sore from Monday. I pushed through as best I could though and completed my workout. I'm probably going to be even more sore tomorrow...After I worked out I made my shakeology, but instead of my normal peanut butter and banana with chocolate shakeology I went with a pumpkin one! Vanilla shakeology, canned pumpkin, almond milk, little bit of pumpkin pie spice, and ice blended. It was quite nummy. It didn't have quite the pumpkin punch I was hoping for, but it was delicious nonetheless!

Now I am ready to collapse into bed and I get to sleep in tomorrow because it is my day off! Tomorrow will be meal planning day too, but grocery shopping will be Friday because that is payday.

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  1. Great job! Remember there are no bad foods, a brownie every once in a while is no big, especially if you log your calories and fit it into your daily total. What do these crazy leg workouts have you do? Keep it up!