Sunday, October 12, 2014

21 Day Fix: Day Seven

I have been terrible about getting the blog posts up, I know. Not because I didn't want to, but I'm still trying to work out a good schedule for myself so that I can fit in my workouts, meal prep (some days there is more of this than others), my 10 hour days everyday this month, and time to take a shower and get a decent amount of sleep. So, for now if my updates are spotty, I apologize and definitely feel free to say, "Kim, post some things!" One of my friends has been doing that and I appreciate it because it keeps me accountable!

I did do some thinking and because I eat a lot of the same stuff each day since I make a few meals that I can eat over a few days I think that I will do brief over views of my days and share my recipes instead of a breakfast, lunch, dinner format I had been doing.

My meals for the last few days have included the Carb Buster breakfast from previous posts (I REALLY like that one because it is simple, easy, and delicious!), turkey bacon and egg cups, buffalo cauliflower buffalo bites, quinoa fried "rice" with blackened tofu, turkey bacon wraps, and these shrimp taco things (that I was not a huge fan of).

Before I post some of the pictures of the yummy, healthy food I ate let me just share with you a picture of the market thing we have in our break room that is so easily accessible, but almost no healthy food. There is the occasionally fruit or veggie cup, but those go pretty fast because they are one of the few healthy options.

The Buffalo Cauliflower Bites that I made are definitely a recipe to make again in the future! It tasted like a cheat meal, but it wasn't! I used Frank's hot sauce for these ones. My little sister really liked these too! It is so amazing that she is wanting to try these healthy things with me. We decided that next time we would make homemade BBQ sauce (with stevia!) to coat them. 

Another things I finally decided to make was Quinoa Fried "Rice"! I used my coach's recipe because it was simple and easily accessible. My coach, Alexa, has a lot of healthy, tasty recipes on her blog you should looks through if you are looking for food ideas. I also made some Blackened Tofu to go along with my quinoa fried rice and it was not bad, but I think I will try something new next time. I love finding different ways to season tofu.

I also made these shrimp wrap things with this avocado corn salsa...but I didn't like it so I only ate it for one meal...I didn't even bother taking a picture or feel the need to link it. I also made turkey bacon and egg cups! I love making these things! Makes quick and easy breakfast for the mornings!

One thing I'm still trying to work on is getting in all my fruits and veggies. I usually get pretty close and part of my lack of getting my fruits in is I normally put fruit in my shakeology, but I'm waiting for things to ripen before I can eat them. I've been doing the mocha chiller for shakeology (the powder and coffe with ice, blended) . The veggies is more I keep running out of veggies and need to get better at making sure I stock up on the things I eat. I wish I could buy mushrooms in bulk, but they go bad so fast that by the end of the week I wouldn't be able to use them. I'm still slowly working out how much of each thing to get and what I can and can't stock up on. I have stocking up on things like beans, corn, diced tomatoes, tomato sauce/paste and things like that.

My other meals have been nothing super exciting...just grilled chicken or fish with sauteed veggies. I get tired of those after awhile though so I've been researching recipes of things that make me feel like I'm eating cheat food, but are actually healthy. One of the things I want to make soon is cauliflower crust pizza with homemade pizza sauce again! I have made it before and it is soooo good. Time consuming, but good!

As far as my workouts go, they are still kicking my ass, but I'm doing them! I definitely don't look pretty when I do it, but it's getting done. Not really noticing any physical changes yet other than I am feeling better. Starting to get less fatigued all the time, my face is clearing up, and my skin and hair are feeling healthier. I am excited to see what other changes happen as I continue on!

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