Monday, September 29, 2014

Two for One

I didn't post yesterday because I was exhausted from work and took the night to relax and because I had sort of an off day so today is two days in one. Sunday mornings always throw me off because I have to be at work two and a half hours earlier than I do any other day of the week. I woke up too late to make breakfast so I had my chocolate shakeology with frozen banana, peanut butter, and almond milk which is my FAVORITE combo for my shakeology. I had planned on have the Carb Buster Breakfast that I had on Saturday morning and I knew that I would be short a meal with missing that so I grabbed what I already had made which was more of the bean burritos I had made. I ended up having two for a snack and two at lunch time so I got more carbs in than I had planned, but figured that was better than getting hungry at work and be tempted by the not so healthy market place in the break room! Also, ate the burritos with some salsa, OM NOM!

With my second helping of the burritos that was my lunch I also ate some celery with peanut butter. I dislike celery most of the time, but I can tolerate it when peanut butter is involved. I just measured my peanut butter and put it in my red container because I didn't have any other small container left to put it in.

Now for dinner Sunday night, I made something I have been wanting to make for quite some time and now that I have made it I am kicking myself for not doing it sooner. What is that you might ask?

That's right. They were SO good. I have pinned a couple zucchini boat recipes before, but I decided to do this 21 Day Fix recipe because it told me all my portions without me having to think about it. SO GOOD. I think next time I will put a little less salt because I did use the turkey bacon which makes it pretty salty too. Oh! I also used mushrooms instead of tomatoes! I think I mentioned before that tomatoes and I are only good friends for certain dishes. I usually replace them with something else for most things though. I plan on making these more in the future and trying different ways to season!

For dessert I had an oatmeal chocolate chip banana "cookie" that I had made some of the other night. I was so excited to eat it that I forgot to take a picture, haha, but it is one of the recipes from the 21 Day Fix book and I just swapped out raisins for mini chocolate chips.

Today, I did much better than Sunday and I was much more prepared. I made sure everything was packed in my lunch bag and waiting in the fridge instead of putting everything in, in the morning. The veggies that I had prepared for the Carb Buster on Sunday I used this morning instead. I also had my chocolate shakeology, banana, peanut butter, and almond milk shake again. I seriously love that more than almost anything else I eat all day. Black bean burritos for lunch with salsa (I think I only have one serving left and that will be tomorrow's lunch as well). For my midday snack I had carrots and hummus! I love carrots, but I also love dipping them in something and I am allotted more of a portion for hummus that dressing so I went that route. It was quite good! I had both baby carrots and regular carrots in the house, but I think the regular ones have more taste (not sure if they actually do, but I like them better!) so I cut some up and measured them out in my green container and hummus in my blue container.

Dinner was some marinate salmon with sauteed asparagus and mushrooms. If I could, I would eat salmon for every meal. I love it so much! I just marinated it in a bit of olive oil, Bragg's Amino Acid, garlic, salt, pepper, and I think I may have tossed in some paprika and onion powder. The asparagus and mushrooms were just sauteed in olive oil, salt, and pepper. So simple, but it was sooooo good.

The last thing I ate today was just some Greek yogurt with a little stevia and both raspberries and blackberries. I did pretty well today, I think. Still need to up my water intake though. I do well when I have lemons in my water and so today I though I would try mint and lime since people have told me they like those in their water. I was not a fan....I'll stick to my lemons and occasional strawberries in my water. I do love my diffuser cup though!

I am starting to realize things that I will need to have as staples in the house. Asparagus, mushrooms, Greek yogurt, and berries are definitely on that list! Once I kind of figure out what works best for me I can make more servings of a certain type of food as well. Right now I just don't want to make 5 servings of something for the week and turn out I don't like it or something. Tomorrow is a new day!

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