Saturday, September 27, 2014

The beginning!

Today I started off my day with a with one of my favorite breakfasts and I'm not sure why I haven't made this more often. Awhile back I found a recipe for Carb Buster Breakfast and it is pretty simple, but quite delicious and filling. This morning I modified the quantity of the recipe a bit and just measured the veggies into my green 21 Day Fix container and I omitted the tomato because I wanted to be able to have more of the zucchini. Oh! Just sprinkled a little bit of mozzarella cheese on there instead of the wedge of cheese from the recipe. I have only ever tried to poach an egg once before so my eggs aren't pretty, but they were darn good! I think I will play with the seasoning of this dish, but I think this is definitely something I need to start making my go to breakfast.

I took my Shakeology to go this morning. I forgot to wash out my blender cups though so I just put some chocolate Shakeology and black coffee in a shaker cup with ice and it was actually really good like that! Lunch was Turkey Bacon Wrap again! I had these for lunch yesterday too and I'm in love with them! I even managed to get my sister to eat these as well and she really liked them, in fact, she requested to have them again.

I had some plain Greek yogurt with a bit of honey to sweeten and a purple container full of blackberries. Now, I actually hate yogurt, but I'm trying to convince myself that I like it so I'm forcing myself to do it. Definitely prefer Greek yogurt over any other kind of yogurt and I can only get myself to eat it with the honey and loaded with fruit.

I then forgot to take pictures of the rest of my food as the day went on. Dinner was some homemade chili with ground beef, onions, tomatoes, chili powder, and Frank's hot sauce. My mom and I cam across this recipe about a year or so ago and we love it so much we make it quite often especially in the fall/winter time. I ended up eating my chili with another turkey wrap. Following the 21 Day Fix program I am realizing that I have been struggling getting all my protein in, but today I did well. In fact, looking at my list of food for the day I actually got all my servings in! I didn't quite get enough veggie or fruits servings in....I was one shy on each, but I call today a win so far. At least I didn't reach for the Hostess donuts in the work market right?

Tomorrow's meals are prepared except for dinner. I'm off earlier than any other day during the week tomorrow so I will be making myself some zucchini boats when I get home. (Yes, I may have bought a lot of zucchini I needed to use up...haha!) On the lunch menu for tomorrow are these bad boys I whipped up tonight:

I had made some black bean burritos awhile back that I really liked by following a recipe and I cannot for the life of me remember what it was so I kind of improvised on these. I was going to use corn tortillas, but I have trouble getting them to not break on I went to get some more whole wheat wraps and I found these. What are they you might ask? They are a combination of whole wheat and corn tortillas! The insides are black beans, onion, orange pepper, corn, jalapeno, garlic gloves, a little bit of mozzarella cheese, and seasoned with paprika, cayenne pepper, cumin, and salt. No meat, so in this case my protein is the beans. I will see how that taste tomorrow, yum!

No workout today. I am still on some medication for my chest pain I had been having over the past few weeks for a few more days. So, the workout part is starting on October 6th when my challenge group starts. I just figured I would start the food part prior to the group.

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