Saturday, September 27, 2014

Let the journey begin...

I haven't used this blog since 2010...whoops! I am going to re-purpose this blog and use it to keep track of my weight loss journey. I've done so much yo-yo dieting through out my life and I've hit a point where enough is enough. I do really well with my eating and exercise for awhile and then I get caught up in life and I drop it and fall back into my bad habits. I've tried changing my habits on my own, but I am not quite to the point where doing it on my own is cemented into my every day life.

I've done Weight Watchers, no carb diets, cut out sugar completely, cut out dairy, cut out name it and I have probably tried it and failed horribly after awhile. Yes, it works for a bit and I see results, but I give myself unrealistic goals to continue on with so I fall back to pizza, pasta, brownies, fried foods, etc. Over the past year I have gotten better and choosing the healthier options for some of those things. CAULIFLOWER PIZZA CRUST. For real, it is delicious, but time consuming. I have the right idea substituting equally delicious foods that are better for me, right? The struggle is to continuing to make those choices. I struggle with making those good choices when I'm with friends especially. It is hard to pick the salad when everyone is chomping on fried chicken wings or that giant plate of cheesy pasta.

So what am I going to do about it? First of all, I'm going to start planning my meals ahead of time. I'm going to sit down each week, plan my food for the week, and make a grocery list. You know what else? I'm going to allow myself to eat carbs, sugar, dairy, gluten, whatever! I'm going to focus on portion control. I'm going to stop myself from the binge eating foods that I tried to deny myself in the past.

This week is the start of my food planning. On October 6th I will be doing a 21 Day Fix challenge group which I am pretty excited for. I had tried to do a PIYO challenge group right before PAX and I didn't plan enough for time management to be successful and I kind of dropped the ball...I was pretty upset with myself...but now, NO MORE EXCUSES. I need to remind myself that slow progress is better than no progress. I need to do this for both my mental and physical health.

I am going to be logging my food and exercise through my blog to add to the accountability. I do not expect other people to follow, but if people want to go for it! I hope that I can get myself together and maybe one day it will inspire someone else to as well. I will be posting pictures and recipes. This is a blog for me to see where I'm coming from and where I hope to be in the future. Also, a great way to keep tabs on what recipes I like and don't like.

This is a word heavy post, but I'll start posting pictures in them from now on!


  1. Fuck yeah! I recommend myfitnesspal for food logging, its served me well these past few years. Lifestyle change=win, cant wait to see your transformation into ultimate badass.

    1. Thanks! I will check that out! I am always open for suggestions to help transition and keep on track :)